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The Headwaters Human Library enjoys community support as a Flash Mob sings at the Orangeville Farmers’ Market on October 1, 2011.
http://vimeo.com/partlett/flashmob <http://vimeo.com/partlett/flashmob>

HHL Poster

This is a fragrance-free event


A sample of the books that will be available on
Saturday, October 1

New Immigrant (Filipino)
Gay Female Police Officer
A Non-Conformist Teen - Beyond the Freak
Being a Teen with Aspergers
Living with a physical Disability and Loving it!
Gay Man
Communicates mostly without words
Living with Down Syndrome
Transexual Marriage
Bi-racial Couple

What do we hope to accomplish?
Dufferin readers will be able to borrow a living book; through a personal contact we can break down barriers, see the human in the 'other' and realize that a stereotype never does justice to a person.

This is an opportunity for intercultural learning and personal development that brings people closer together in mutual and careful respect for the human dignity of the individual.

The heart and soul of this project are the volunteer Living Books, members of diverse groups in our local community.

What makes a good Living Book?

As a book in the Living Library, you will be meeting readers who want to find out things they have always wanted to know about you. For many of our books, living with a stigma or label has been a big part of their life. This is an opportunity to share your experiences with people who are interested in finding out more about what it is like to be you.

Here are the qualities that make a good book.
Be from a group that faces prejudice, stereotyping or misunderstanding
Be from and/or living in Dufferin County
Able to answer questions honestly
Able to respond appropriately to stereotypes
Willing to help people learn about different ways of life
Able to be clear about your way of life, but not preach about it
Willing to talk with a range of different readers
Reflective and mature in manner
A good listener and not too talkative
Confident to talk with people you don't know

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