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Sample activities for developing diversity knowledge and understanding are found below...

Power Flower Directionsline

The Diversity Flower has been adapted from the Power Flower
( Source: Arnold, R., Burke, B., James C. and Martin, D (1991) Educating for Change, Toronto, ON: Between the Lines)




You have power over others.
You have the power to give power to others….or not

You have a benefit others don’t have.
You didn’t earn it. You just have it because of who you happen to be.

1. Look at the word on each petal….for example, AGE

2. Decide in your head whether your AGE works for you or against you. Does it allow you MORE Power and Privilege with others or LESS?

3. Prepare to draw a dot on the AGE petal.

4. Put it close to the centre of the flower if your AGE works in your favour.
Put it as far away from the centre as possible if you think it works against you.
Put it somewhere in between if it’s neither here nor there.

5. Repeat until you have a dot on every petal.

6. Now draw a line connecting all the dots together.

7. Think about what you see.
How much power and privilege DO you have?
What does this mean for you? As a person? As a professional?
Are there dimensions where you are marginalized?
What does this mean for you? As a person? As a professional?

Power Flower

Classism Quiz

Classism Quiz
Classism Quiz Answers



1) Not including the U.S., how many countries have legalized same sex marriages?

2) How many states in the U.S. have legalized same sex marriages?

3) In how many countries can LGBT people adopt children?

4) How many countries have anti=discrimination legislation for the LGBT community?

5) How many countries allow LGBT people to serve openly in their military forces?


The answers provided are current for October of 2009. Fortunately, many laws are being changed, even as you are reading this, and therefore the answers are ever-changing. Use the website provided below to find up-to-date answers.

Keep in mind some of the answers are not always "clear cut".... for example some countries recognize same sex marriages from other countries but will not let same sex marriages happen within their own country.

1) Although several countries also recognize same sex marriages performed elsewhere there are only 7 countries at present, not including the U.S., where same sex marriages are legally performed: South Africa, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, & Spain.

2) Presently there are only 4 states that have legalized same sex marriage: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, & Vermont. Several other states are in the process of legalizing it in the near future and others will recognize marriages performed in other states and/or countries but will not issue marriage licenses themselves.

3) LGBT people can adopt children in 36 countries at the present time. However, in over half of these countries only a single gay person can adopt a child- a LGBT couple cannot.
Florida is the only state in the U.S. that does not allow for same-sex or gay adoption.

4) 62 countries currently have anti-discrimination laws for LGBT people.

5) At this time there are 59 countries that allow LGBT military personnel to serve openly in their armed forces.

The data used in the LGBT rights survey can be found at this website:


Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz
Vocabulary Quiz Answers


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