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As Dufferin County’s population grows, we are also becoming increasingly diverse. How can we embrace our diversity in order to strengthen and enrich our community?

This Toolkit is here to help you do that! It supports anyone on the journey to create change in yourself, your workplace and/or your community through a framework of diversity and inclusion.

Welcoming diversity means acknowledging and respecting differences, and recognizing the value of every individual to their communities and to society at large,” says the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition.

Understanding Diversity
Diversity refers to the differences that exist among individuals and groups within a population
Diversity has many dimensions-- both visible and invisible
While we share many common characteristics, it is important to recognize our differences as well, as they help to shape our experiences and expectations
Diversity makes a community stronger by celebrating differences in background and opinion – having all voices heard enriches us!

Dufferin Diversity Network
…building a healthy, cohesive and vibrant community
A network of organizations in Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada, committed to building awareness, diversity competence and inclusive practices that foster a healthy, cohesive and vibrant community
To learn more, choose the About DDN page.

Dufferin Child and Family Services for funding the creation of this website
The Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting this initiative
Nancy Wood for in-kind service provided
Members of the Dufferin Diversity Network and the Diversity Committee of Dufferin Child and Family Services who served in an advisory role
Pete Paterson
as photographer for the Living Library Books' photo gallery
Paul Hogeveen
of Masahiro Design for his patience



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